urSQL is a highly customizable query editor capable of communicating with several database implementations such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access, and Paradox to mention a few. urSQL allows you to access different database engines using one common interface. urSQL is ideal for developers who need to access different database servers, people learning SQL, or anyone who connects to SQL datasets.


urSQL offers several powerful features that make your SQL data more accessible. The primary function of urSQL is to access SQL data using ad hoc queries. Some of the main features of urSQL include:

  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Code Templates
  • Export Data
  • Find Columns
  • Find Procedures
  • Search Procedures
  • View Structures
  • Auto-Correct
  • Execute Templates
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Microsoft Access
  • Paradox
  • ODBC
The full installation should always be run once on every computer where you want urSQL to be installed. Subsequent upgrades can be accomplished by updating the executable file only.

Full Installation (NT/XP) Version 1.7 MB
Full Installation (9x) Version 5.0 MB
Executable Only Version (See notes above!) 1.0 MB
Stable Executable Version 1.0 MB
Latest Executable Version (MySQL 4.1+ ONLY) 1.1 MB
Documentation Version 1.x 2.5 MB

Licensing Info

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The licensing for the urSQL Utility is shareware, the price is $29 USD for individual use. Corporate licensing is $59 per seat (volume discounts [10+] will be handled on an individual basis). Register Now (secure server).

Note: The evaluation version of urSQL is Fully Functional. However, the Session Logging cannot be disabled and an "Unregistered" message is displayed after submitting 50 queries.

The urSQL Utility is currently free of charge to download and evaluate. This means that you can use and distribute the executable portion of this utility as you wish. It also means that Urban Research assumes no responsibility for the actions of this program. Use it at your own risk. Please feel free to provide feedback to Urban Research about this utility.